Thank you so much for your help. I sincerely believe it has changed my life.
Anonymous, 2019
I’ve come a long way with your help. This has been beneficial work for sure. Things I couldn’t let go of don’t give me that anxiety anymore.
Anonymous, 2019
I think this therapy has been the most beneficial thing in my life, ever. Also, you give really good advice! I'm feeling so much better. Thanks!
Rachel, 2018
Thank you for your help with everything. I finally feel that I'm living and not just surviving.
Jack, 2017
More and more I am understanding who I am.
Henry, 2013
I wanted to change and didn't know how so this is really helping me.
Quinton, 2012
This is the best I've felt in 20 years. It's like my brain opened up again. I'm way more confident.
Fred, 2016
This is working great. It is really helping. I am feeling much more confident at work. I'm prepared and it feels good.
James, 2016
I get up in the morning and for the first time in my life, I feel like the storm has settled.
Client, 2016
I’m more in tune with my feelings and able to set boundaries when I need to
Shane, 2013
I cannot understate the importance of my relationship with Janel. Its really hard to reveal your innermost demons to another person, let alone yourself. She builds a relationship based on trust and understanding. She is incredibly easy to talk to, empathetic and works hard to develop alternate solutions when I tried techniques that didn't work. I've made more progress my first year with Janel than I did in fifteen years with five other therapists.
David, 2015
I'm able to arrive and live in a peaceful state, even though it's extremely busy. So emotionally things are now going very well... your input allowed me to understand in more detail how the brain functions and to sort of self defragment... so I've been working through the process using journaling, and the results have been positive. Thanks very much for your insights and guidance - you have been big help.
Client, 2015
I can really feel it's made a difference already. I'm feeling a lot happier and more connected with people in my life. Life is really solid, good, and positive which is great. I've felt a stronger capacity to handle relationships. Not everything is resolved yet but I'm feeling better.
Client, 2015
It's a miracle. The thoughts that were stuck in my head for years are gone. I was even suicidal because of them. I've been enjoying time with family and things are wonderful and I feel happy. I haven't felt happy and over a decade. I feel like when I first saw you I was a frightened little kid and now I'm a different person. I much more relaxed around people now.
Client, 2015
Before I met Janel, I had already met or worked with several other therapists and tried a few other kinds of therapies. I was actually at a point of giving up, because nothing was working for me. Mostly I noticed that I couldn't stop thinking and worrying about things; and talking about it with talk-therapists was just making it worse. For me, EMDR was a godsend. Because with EMDR, I could let my brain and body do the healing on its own. It was no longer a chore -- I could go to sessions and work through my stuff all while breaking the pattern of being stuck in my head worrying. Janel too was a godsend. Her strength, her trust and trustworthiness, and her lack of judgment set the foundation for my healing. I became more confident that I would get better. And I did. Janel and EMDR set me on the path to healing like nothing and no one else had been able to do.
Howard, 2015
I want to tell you I am quite excited and grateful for your grounding strategies. By using them at the end of the meeting I have just come to recognize how much I am "out there" at times and not "ïn here" with me; the strategies seem to bring me back within myself and so a light has come on and I feel so much more comfortable with me it is the beginning of this desire to have relationship with myself.
Ethan, 2012
I'm feeling better, I have more energy, feel less sickly. I'm handling work pretty good. Feeling like I have more energy at the end of the day. I've been able to get out and do some exercise. In the past I felt so knocked out I couldn't really get out and do stuff.
Stephen, 2012
I am loving life and always smiling. This is the first time in my life that I'm excited about what's to come. I feel like I am going to be good at anything I decide to do and I feel like I have more direction. I'm happy with the progress. I feel like a complete person even though I still have my bad days. I look back now and see how bad things had gotten and be able to compare to where I am now.
Female Client, 2010
EMDR has opened so many doors for me - doors I didn't even know existed.
Allen, 2007
This (EMDR) is way easier than any of the talk therapy I've done in the past.
Patrick, 2011
You're a phenomenal counsellor and I've had tonnes of success with you.
Angus, 2012
I have more energy now. At the end of a busy work day, I don't feel wiped out anymore.
Jeff, 2012
That was an amazing first session! I'm really looking forward to this!
Alexander, 2012
EMDR has literally changed my life. I feel more confident.
Ted, 2012
It's remarkable how well it works!
Kevin, 2012
I'm convinced it does something. My wife says it has had a positive effect.
Nathan, 2012
You have changed my life!
Christian, 2012
Your therapy has been the most beneficial thing in my life ever.
Albert, 2013
Thanks so much for tonight - you helped me a lot!!! More than you know!
Joseph, 2013
I can't begin to tell you how much 'lighter' I feel since our session!! Thanks!!!
Alex, 2013
Since our last session I have felt light years better.
Owen, 2013
This has been so good for me.
David, 2013
My friend has started to see a therapist because I told her how helpful it is.
Lucas, 2013
You're the only person I trust that I can talk to.
Jay, 2013
I feel more peaceful than I've ever felt before.
Mike, 2013
Thank you so much. You are so helpful to me. You are the only one I trust.
Bart, 2013
I trust this process, I trust you.
Aaron, 2014
I am very eager to continue our emdr work as I'm noticing benefits already.
Anthony, 2014
None of it carries any emotional weight anymore.
Sean, 2014
I do feel a lot better now. I actually want to talk to people now. I feel different.
Client, 2015
I haven't been anxious about anything all week.
Client, 2015
I am thinking new things now and I know it's a direct effect of this work.
Client, 2015
This is the first time I've ever opened up about these feelings to anyone other than myself. Not any friends, not my wife…
Client, 2015
Today I am very confident and comfortable with who I am. Work is going well, new girlfriend is going fabulous. Overall, finally happy again with my life.
Client, 2015
The most important thing I have learned is to accept and respect myself.
Client, 2015
Client's last session after 5 months: I want to really thank you for all you've done for me.
Client, 2015
I've been feeling great. I've had huge break-throughs and I fell in love again.
Client, 2015
Therapy has been great. I'm a lot more calm. I used to get angry and frustrated quite a bit and that's completely gone down. I've been feeling pretty fantastic.
Client, 2015
My anxiety is much better, I can actually start relaxing.
Client, 2015
Both my partner and I think you are going to be my saving grace.
Client, 2015
That's why I like coming here. You are so easy to talk to and your whole demeanor is welcoming.
Client, 2015
This was really helpful. I think this is going to be good.
Client, 2015
I think I'm only going to do longer sessions now, it makes more sense.
Client, 2015
I think I needed to just get my story out in one big session. I needed that emotional release.
Client, 2015
I wanted to say that after our appointment, I felt really good and happy. I don't exactly know why but I did, so thanks!
Client, 2015
I feel like my own person now and that's helping the anxiety a lot.
Sam, 2015
Im more confident and feeling a lot less shame.
Leonard, 2015
I'm glad I came. I'm kind of surprised that I'm recommending EMDR to people. I was skeptical at first but it has really helped me. It's been a pleasure working with you.
Client, 2015

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