Use Your Container to Manage Memories and Emotions

The ‘Container’ is a common tool used across many different types of counselling modalities. To some, the concept of the container might not sound very useful, but when practiced and developed, it does wonders for helping set emotions, upsetting thoughts, or memories aside when it is not a good time to be aware of them. [...]

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Numbers Stop Anxiety

Another great way to calm the mind and pull yourself out of an emotional spiral is using numbers. Numbers are left brain activity. When you activate the left hemisphere of your brain, you pull the energy out of the right side which is your emotional side. * Counting down from 20 or 50 or 100 [...]

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Take Action Towards Managing Stress

Useful Tips for Better Daily Living #4  (2007 Newsletter Archive) Many people these days find themselves "stressed-out." What does this mean really? Being stressed-out means different things to people and can look very different as well. Are you angry? Are you feeling a lot of anxiety? Is it affecting your sleep patterns or your relationship? [...]

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