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I have worked in a therapeutic setting with men of all ages and walks of life. I have trained in several different therapeutic approaches and will work with you to find the form of counselling technique that works for you. You are a unique individual with distinct needs. Together we can find what works.

Note left by client after session 2007: “Janel, thank you so much. I feel inspired, safe, solid, whole, secure, and self-assured. See you next week.”

My approach is to use: EMDR (My main approach), Person-centred, and Cognitive-behavioural techniques within the therapeutic process. This allows me to determine the proper balance of these three techniques for you. Everyone has different needs and distinct problems. Developing a strategy together that works for you will be essential to your spending less time in therapy and to truly working on the issues with which you are struggling. Of course, remaining in therapy as long as you need to and then returning whenever necessary is always an option.

As a man, it can be uncomfortable to talk about certain issues. EMDR is an approach that I use which allows for more of an internal experience to occur without having to share every detail with the therapist. It can be helpful to know that some experiences you have can be kept to yourself.

Often times men feel more comfortable opening up to a women. 95% of my clients have always been men. I am often told how comfortable my clients feel talking to me about any problems they are having including very sensitive issues.

“I’m able to arrive and live in a peaceful state, even though it’s extremely busy. So emotionally things are now going very well… your input allowed me to understand in more detail how the brain functions and to sort of self de-fragment… so I’ve been working through the process using journalling, and the results have been positive. Thanks very much for your insights and guidance – you have been big help.” – Neil 2009

The therapeutic process can take time but doesn’t have to last forever. Some approaches allow clients to move through therapy at a rate much faster than one might think. The results are wonderful and you will learn new skills to understand how the past is affecting you today, resolve old patterns, and handle life better.

If you are ready to make some changes, big or small, then let’s talk about what is happening for you and discuss ways that I may be able to help.

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