Tools for Good Health and Well-being

Useful Tips for Better Daily Living #5 (2007 Newsletter Archive)

As summer begins to take shape a little bit more for us these days, I am reminded of how important it is to get active and give the body a chance to move. This becomes easier for many as the weather begins to warm up.

Some activity for the body helps us feel better. Even if you are not drawn to long, arborous workouts at a gym, getting some exercise can really promote good health. Short walks, leisurely bike rides, going swimming – all of these activities can be fun and relaxing. Maybe a yoga class might sounds appealing to you?

The human body really likes to move. Think how fun it is go dancing or to play a sport. Local community centres offer many different types of activities. Downtown, the Roadhouse Community Centre on Davie supports various dance workshops for fitness. Salsa dance classes have also become very popular and are a good way to meet others. Find out what is happening in your area.

If a lot movement is not appealing to you for some reason these days, just getting outside can be really helpful as well. Sunny days help us get vitamin D. You might sit in the sun and read a book. Meet with a friend and enjoy a coffee (think decaf where possible). Even going for a walk to buy vegetables for cooking can promote a positive feelings as good health and well-being are somewhere in the back of your mind.

And to repeat what I said in the first “Useful Tips for Better Daily Living” newsletter – do what works for you. What seems helpful for another might not be the right thing for you. Take a little look inside and see what your body wants.

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