Figure Out What Works For You

Figure Out What Works For You2017-02-24T17:28:05-08:00

There is Help for Anxiety

Useful Tips for Better Daily Living #1  (2007 Newsletter Archive)

This newsletter is intended to help its members learn new ways of handling life more easily. It includes tips for over-all self-care as well as strategies for emotional well-being.

It is helpful to find ways to take-care of yourself, emotionally and otherwise, in ways that are effective but don’t necessarily require a lot of time. It is important to remember that learning new skills is something that takes practice. The best way to learn something new is repetition.

A good thing to keep in mind when learning something new is to remember that behaviors, including your emotional responses to situations, are generally learned. The nice thing is that those behaviors can be unlearned and new skills learned in their place.

Today’s Tip:

It can be helpful to remember that everybody has their own way of dealing with anxiety and other emotional situations. No two people are exactly alike. Don’t be hard on yourself if something that works for someone else does not work for you.

An example comes to mind for me that I think explains this well. When I was in university, I would avoid anxious feelings by spreading my paper writing out over a few months. That same tactic would not have worked for a university friend of mine as she would have felt anxiety the whole time. Instead, she would write all of her papers in 3 days and still get top marks. For her, she would have been anxious for 3 days had she done things my way, but instead, it as only 3 days of anxiety.

It is important to figure out what works for you.

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