Open vs. Closed Relationship Styles

Getting into a new relationship takes a lot of work, courage, trust, and practicing of boundaries. These days many people tend to jump into a new relationship unencumbered by any past traditions from our parents or grandparents such as waiting for marriage to have sex. We can tend to spend a lot of time together, [...]

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Research Suggests That Married People Are Indeed Happier

I believe people often get married for the wrong reasons. Also, communication and really good quality time together tend to become contributing factors as these tend to decrease over time. I think for marriage and long-term relationships to last, it is important to keep building the love pathways in your brain towards your partner. Do [...]

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4 Negative Patterns Predict Divorce

Dr. Gottman is a relationship expert and has been studying marriage and divorce for many many years. "Dr. Gottman believes that it’s much more important to understand why certain actions increase divorce risk rather than to predict it. What are the negative behavior patterns that can predict divorce? Dr. Gottman has named the most corrosive [...]

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Men Benefit From Therapy Too

Everyone has problems they have to face. Sometimes it will seem like a better idea to face them alone. This is not always going to be the best way to handle things. Typically, in our society, men are not allowed to show signs of weakness or to admit they are having problems. As a man, [...]

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Depressed on Valentine’s Day?

Useful Tips for Better Daily Living #7 (2008 Newsletter Archive) Hello everyone, With Valentine's Day approaching, I thought it would be important to communicate to those of you who feel a sense of disappointed or depressed at this time of year. Many people become very 'down' and even depressed to the point of being suicidal [...]

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