4 Ways to Make Life More Worthwhile

Have you found yourself feeling lost? Not enjoying your life?   Or with thoughts of giving up? Then you need to find a reason to live. And not a reason to “just live” but a reason to live well.

With these 4 methods of finding a reason to live, you can start getting excited for tomorrow.

Method 1: Become curious and find a hobby or interest

Have you wanted to know how something worked? You don’t have to look far. Be curious.

Use the power of your curiosity to find things that interest you. Finding interests gives you a reason to live because there is always one more thing you can learn and master about what you’re curious about. You can fulfill your curiosity with knowledge in school and by searching to find a new way to do something like an invention, process, or method. You might also explore a hobby you always wanted to learn such as fixing up cars or creating a collection.

Method 2: Find adventure and new experiences

Go out of your way and find adventures in your life such as traveling (road trip, tour, or event), exploring a new hobby or interest, or meeting new people who can give you new perspective on life.

  • Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Escape the day-to-day grind and find a reason to live by finding adventure.
  • By living not for material things but for experiences – both those you survived and those you enjoyed.

Method 3: Decide your life’s purpose and change the world

Get passionate about something and make it your life’s purpose. This can be a cause such as fighting hunger or homelessness through volunteering your time or becoming employed in an NGO. Be a part of a group that you want to help grow or expand such as a club, business, and association. You can join and be an active member to accomplish their mission.

You might consider a new career. This might be something technical (engineer, doctor, lawyer, etc.), administrative (service, clerical, management, etc.), or skill based (plumbing, carpentry, etc.)

Method 4: Fulfill your wants

Many times you feel incomplete. Find what is incomplete in your life and use it as a goal to live for. This could include many things such as:

  • Finding people who share your interests: go out and meet people who compliment you, your interests, and your life.
  • Need to have more money to do what you need to be happy? Work a passionate career so you can afford your needs to be happy.
  • Accomplishing your dreams. Take the necessary steps to get what you always wanted from competing with the best, having your dream car, house, or experience, or just being in a stable position where you can enjoy your life.

The main theme in each method is that you need to find something  that inspires you

This could be a great relationship, a role model, nature, and a myriad of other things that can help keep you positive and putting one foot in front of the other.


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