Eight Tips Guaranteed to Impress Everyone You Meet

Impressing others needn’t be difficult, and several methods exist for impressing everyone you meet. If you suffer from social anxiety, or, if you’re seeking a small boost from mundane party-going tricks—check out the following tips, generated from Buzzfeed, guaranteed to turn heads.

For Others:

1. Focus on Others First

It makes sense, doesn’t it? When you focus on others, you divert attention from yourself. Often, those seeking anxiety help find solace within this golden rule. Shifting focus to others not only removes undue pressure, it can increase their flattery.

2. Know They May be Uncomfortable, Too

You may not be the only one fearing new encounters. Social anxiety, shyness and social maneuvering are engaged by all. Understanding this fundamental social rule can curve tension while granting you some influential “wiggle room.”

3. Learn to Say, “And how about you?”

As stated above, placing focus on others will greatly increase your social value. People love hearing about themselves—even when they’re the ones talking! When finishing up sharing information, remember to ask others what their inputs are.

4. Give Others Full Attention

When speaking to others, become fully engaged. Displaying complete attention lubricates most social interactions, and it’ll show others how much you care.

For Yourself:

1. Prepare a Short Introduction

Keep it simple, and keep it short. By doing so, you’ll set the bar for your aspirations, personality and personal attributions. Once the focus, again, is on others, they’ll likely become more interested in you.

2. Talk about Yourself in an Interesting Way

Nobody likes a tell-all person, and being pushy about yourself may divert others’ affections. When discussing yourself, talk passionately. Additionally, put your career in terms of the current conversation, granting others a conversational opening while displaying your interesting characteristics.

3. Dress Awesome

Confidence is key, and, sometimes, wearing great clothes translates into confidence and positive interactions. If you care about your own appearance, you’ll likely inspire others to access your personality further.

4. Read More

Additionally, read widely. Consuming literature, magazines, online articles and books will increase your vocabulary, and it’ll make you more interesting.

Impressive Manners:

1. Smile

Smiling increases trustworthiness, and it’ll give others a reason to engage you. Smiling individuals are often associated with happiness and stability: the persona capable of winning new friends.

2. Give Compliments

Compliments go far, and others will likely remember how you’ve made them feel, rather than what you’ve told them. When discussing personal taste or career choices, remember to relay great interest while maintaining honesty.

3. Talk to Quiet People

Have you ever noticed “the quiet one” sitting off to the side? Well, what are you waiting for? Pull them into the conversation, or pull them aside and discuss with them. If you engage them in conversation, it’ll boost the room’s mood, and it’ll spread social enjoyment to everyone within it.

4. Let Others into the Circle

You wouldn’t want to be shunted to the side, would you? If someone is entering the social conduit, set aside to open the circle. You’ll immediately be praised as the social spark capable of including others, and you’ll be recognized as a kind person to talk to.

5. Be Nice

Be nice to everyone you talk to, regardless of your personal feelings. You don’t have to like them, but at least respect them. Engaging others with grace displays generosity and maturity.

Socializing Tips:

1. Know the Room, Know the Situation

A little preparation goes a long way. Understanding a room’s “ambiance” before entering can give you a great social advantage.

2. Talk about Food

People love food, and dinner discussions can lead into further conversation about diets, daily lifestyle and personal taste. Bringing up food will make others think about food, and it’ll likely open them for further conversation.

3. Don’t Wait for Others to Contact You

If you strike first, you’ll impress many onlookers. In crowded rooms, those capable of starting conversations often hold the upper hand within them. When meeting multiple acquaintances at once, begin conversation immediately to boost your perceived confidence.

4. Join Groups of at Least Three

Similarly, joining energized, talkative groups can pave impressions while boosting social capabilities. When searching for a social entry, join groups containing at least three individuals. Being the third entry may make you a third wheel, but entering miniature social groups will grant multiple friendship opportunities.

5. Maintain Conversational Balance

Moderation is a key quality in most situations. When discussing yourself, remember to let the room breathe. “Feeling” the room’s social energy will deliver conversational insight—and it’ll prepare you for further discourse.

6. Make a Graceful Exit

So, the conversation is over, and you need to leave. When leaving, remember to smile, and regard others as pleasant, outgoing and fun. “It was great talking to you,” is a great finishing line, as is, “This talk was great, but I need to go. Why don’t we catch up later?”

Overcoming Social Anxiety

Impressing others, making friends and influencing individuals needn’t be filled with gossip, empty talk or anxiety, and the door to approval often opens both ways. Often, pretending you have confidence is the same as having confidence. Social anxiety lessens with increased socialization, and understanding others’ positions will increase empathy. Everyone gets nervous, and everyone likes being liked. To read the full Buzzfeed article, click here, and explore the world of social interaction further.

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