7 Ways Men Can Boost Their Physical & Mental Health

7 Ways Men Can Boost Their Physical & Mental Health

Every man is a unique individual and each man should consume foods with vitamins and minerals that match their physical make-up to boost their mental health along with their psychological outlook. Men who experience anxiety, depression and other varying moods can learn how to overcome negative emotions by eating the right foods.


Zinc is one of the trace minerals most important to men’s health. Did you know that lack of zinc negatively affects the prostate gland and reduces testosterone levels? Low zinc causes diabetes, schizophrenia, tiredness, poor skin, white spots on the fingernails and infections. Zinc is in your bones, hair, skin, nails, liver, glands, kidneys and prostate gland. To keep your zinc level high, eat mushrooms, apricots, raw egg yolks, nuts, seeds and nutritional yeast.


Men who are hot tempered benefit from magnesium. Magnesium relaxes the nerves and stimulates almost 30 enzymes in the body. It regulates protein, starch and fat. It keeps the body and mind cool, calm collected and above it all in tight situations. Magnesium lets you sleep and gets rid of poison organisms in the body. Lack of magnesium makes you nervous, constipated, hysterical, faint and eventually insane. Tap water, which is high in fluoride, weakens the magnesium in your body. Pure spring water is best. Eat corn, pomegranates, goat’s milk, raw egg yolk, apples, whole grains, nuts, seeds, green peas, beans and garbanzo beans to boost magnesium.

Red Onions

Homeopathy – simply put – means using natural elements to heal the body. Two simple remedies for aiding depression and anxiety are:

Red onions – allium cepa

Unroasted coffee beans – coffea

Men who need red onions are usually absent minded and confused. When they get depressed nothing satisfies them. If they’re in pain they feel that it will get worse. These men tend to like raw onions which keep back the common cold, hay fever and sore throats. Cold drafts and wet feet are bad for them. They feel worse in warm rooms and better outside.

Unroasted coffee beans

These men are nervous, high strung and over stimulated. They cry and laugh easily, are excited by happy or sad events and are very active in mind and body. It’s really hard for them to sit still. Strong odors, noise and touching annoy them and they can hardly take pain. They feel better when they lie down, sleep or relax. Coffea eases toothache (along with icy water), severe insomnia,  along with racing thoughts and ideas. It guards against fainting, lack of sleep from over excitement and heart palpitations.

Eat a Minimum of 2 Meals Per Day

Low blood sugar can lead to insanity, alcoholism and a strong sweet tooth. People rush so much that they forget to eat. You can start eating better by using honey (and cane juice sweetened pre-made foods) instead of sugar. Remember to eat at least two meals per day.

What If I Don’t Have Time to Eat?

If you can’t stop to eat, carry nuts, whole grain crackers, and dried fruit for lunch. You can also have a quick snack such as yogurt, smoothies, or a piece of cheese.

Raw Egg

Please note that raw egg yolk has more trace minerals than most foods. Eggs make a great breakfast that can likely carry you through until lunch.


Nature’s Pharmacy – Your Guide to Healing Foods, Herbs, Supplements and homeopathic remedies, by Jennifer Brett, N. D. In Consultation with The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

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