Everything is Connected: Men’s Mental Health & Nutrition


Everything is Connected: Men’s Mental Health & Nutrition 

Many men are not aware that there is a connection between their physical health and their mental health.  What is the link between the two?  A man’s chronic physical condition and his mental state impact his life significantly.  A man’s entire quality of life is influenced by his mental health and physical health.  There are three primary associates between physical and mental health which include:

  • Health risks for physical conditions that appear to be chronic
  • Men, who suffer from severe cases of mental health, are more likely to experience many severe physical conditions
  • Men, who suffer from chronic physical conditions, are more liable to develop a lack of mental health.

Social Determinants

Social determinants from a health perspective involve many different factors.  Social determinants are the conditions in which an individual is born or lives.  Work and age are two more factors that contribute to social determinants.  The entire circumstances of these factors are significantly affected by the distribution of many things, such as resources, money and power.  These determinants greatly impact a man’s mood and self-esteem.  Low self-esteem and a poor or bad mood can cause depression and anxiety.

The Importance of Nutrition and Good Health

Nutrition and good health are essential for an individual’s overall health and well-being.  Poor diet and malnutrition are one in the same.  Without proper nutrition and eating habits, good health is unattainable.  According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, physical inactivity is the primary cause of death of people who live in the United States.  Poor nutrition can lead to many health issues and concerns, such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Various forms of cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity

Other diseases and conditions, an individual may experience as a result of lack of nutrition and proper diet, include high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

Nutrition, Good Physical Health, Self-Esteem, and Mood

Proper nutrition and good physical health can affect a man’s mood and self-esteem in a positive and negative manner.  Men who do not feel they are making a difference in the world or have no sense of belonging, will experience difficulty in boosting their self-esteem and mood. Other problems and conditions can occur as a result of lack of self-esteem or poor mood.  

Men don’t have to have muscles to have excellent physical health and good nutrition, but good nutrition and physical health is required to be in the best shape of their lives.  Practicing good nutrition and exercising promotes great health for the entire body.  When men look and feel good about themselves, their self-esteem skyrockets, and their mood increases dramatically.  Men, who practice proper eating habits and exercise, have more energy to get things done and participate in activities with friends and family.  These instances give men a sense of belonging. 



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