The Silver Lining is Bigger Than We Think: Finding the Balance in Challenge

The Silver Lining is Bigger Than We Think: Finding the Balance in Challenge

“The sum of all forces in a closed system is zero.”  This quote refers to a well-known theory from physics called the conservation of matter. If we apply it to mindset and human behavior, it has profound implications for those of use trying to find balance in our lives.

The universe is a closed system. Therefore, all forces found within the universe balance out. What’s a force? Gravity, magnetism, friction, etc. There’s another force found in our universe: human consciousness.
This means that all expressions of human consciousness, when taken together, zero out. Every positive act and every negative act, every thought of love and every thought of hate, every moment of anxiety and every moment of happiness. It is all in perfect balance, at all times, whether we realize it or not.

So what does this mean?

This means the silver lining is bigger than we think. Nothing is ever all “good” or all “bad.” Most of us can think of a past trauma or failure that, when looked back on, is actually seen as an important moment for personal growth. Perhaps childhood neglect inspires a person to develop their sense of freedom and independence as an adult. Perhaps a sudden job loss allows a person to change their career and find their dream job. For every perceived “negative” experienced in life, there is an equal “positive.” For every challenge, there is equal support. For every adversity, there is also prosperity. This is the balance of the universe at play.

We often don’t see this because our emotions influence our perceptions and make us see only one side of an experience (or person). This is why counseling and therapy can be instrumental in providing help for anxiety and depression. These services help us balance our emotions, identify the drawbacks and benefits to any situation and allow us to handle conflict and stress with grace and empowerment.

To be clear: emotions are okay. We need an interplay of “positive” and “negative” emotions to help guide us through the moments of our lives. But it’s wise to think of our emotions as forces that are aiming to balance each other out and help us find the zero point—the point at which sits unconditional love, presence and acceptance. We can’t live in this perfectly balanced state at all times, but we can strive to visit it more often.

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