Turning Anxiety Into a Productive Booster

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental illnesses in North America and can be developed from a range of complex risk factors such as genetics, brain chemistry, personality, and life events. Although highly treatable, only a third of those suffering from anxiety reach out for help.

Anxiety is a reflection of basic human survival instincts. This feeling, that can be overwhelming at times, can actually help you to be more productive if you take a proactive approach. Fast Company  shared a great article with tips on how to turn anxiety into a productive booster.

Anxiety Awareness

Instead of feeling guilty or freaking out when anxiety hits, try to accept it and understand it. Think that anxiety is a common response from our body when we are feeling uncertain or insecure. It’s ok; just acknowledge it. I recommend noticing where it is in your body and then using your imagination to give it a color. Then just breath and feel it. Notice where it is, what it feels like, and what it looks like.

Get Your Worries Out

Once you acknowledge the feeling, process the information. Why do you feel anxious? What is the worst that can happen? Write down your worries and uncertainties on paper so you can let go of some of them. Seeing your thoughts on paper can provide you with a more objective perspective, help you find solutions, or see problems from a different angle.

How can anxiety help you to be productive?

“Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles; it takes away today’s peace.” This is what happens when we experience unproductive anxiety, the one we have no control over. However, sometimes we do have control over it. This is productive anxiety. You can take steps to alleviate it. Fast Company gives as an example when you have a job interview: “In this case, you can acknowledge your anxiety and figure out steps to take in order to make yourself more prepared so that you won’t blow the interview—practice answering questions or research everything you can about the company”.

Want to learn more great ways to deal with anxiety? Read the full article here.

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