Naming Objects – Quick Trick to Stop Anxiety

We all experience anxiety from time to time. Some people struggle with it more than others. What happens for everyone is that anxiety blocks our ability to think clearly.

Learning ways to calm yourself down so that you can get back to discussing the matter at hand with someone else or get back to studying…whatever the situation may be… will help you considerably if you are struggling with problems of anxiety.

The emotional centre of our brains is on the right hemisphere. Clear thinking is managed by the left hemisphere. When you are noticing that you are feeling anxious, it means that there is energy in the right hand side of your brain that has opened up or triggered some anxiety. The trick to decrease anxiety (or any emotional state) is to put energy back into the left hemisphere which then draws it away from the right side and decreases the emotion.

There are several tricks and strategies you can learn to be able to do this.

The trick that most of my clients seem to gravitate towards first is simply to name objects around the room where you are. This can be done by saying them out loud or to yourself. This is very linear, left brain thinking. “suitcase” “chair” “door” “light” “computer” “desk”. This will activate your left hemisphere and help calm the anxiety.

I will continue to post other strategies in following blog posts here.

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