Men Benefit From Therapy Too

Everyone has problems they have to face. Sometimes it will seem like a better idea to face them alone. This is not always going to be the best way to handle things.

Typically, in our society, men are not allowed to show signs of weakness or to admit they are having problems. As a man, you are expected to know all of the answers and keep your head up no matter what the situation. You may be having feelings of guilt or shame if you feel you aren’t living up to others’ expectations? Talking to a female therapist who understands men and their problems can help.

I have been specializing in men’s issues for more than a decade. I have worked with more than 500 men in the lower mainland and I have seen many times that men benefit from therapy too.

[quote source=”Michael M, 2009″]The best step I ever took was to come to you for help.[/quote]

If you are struggling with any of the following problems then I encourage you to think about getting some help through counselling.


  • depression
  • anxiety or stress
  • trauma
  • addictions (drugs, including prescription meds, alcohol, sex, gambling, food, etc.)
  • low self-esteem and confidence issues
  • problems with body image
  • anger issues
  • loss and grief
  • eating disorders
  • self-harm
  • sexual abuse
  • relationship problems
  • problems with your identity
  • unhealthy sexual behaviours
  • feeling out of control


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