It Takes Great Strength for Men to Ask for Help

It is not easy for men to ask for help. In fact it is usually the last thing men will do after trying everything else first. However, there are times when it is okay to reach our for some extra expertise and support.

There are times in a man’s life when he needs a helping hand such as going to the doctor for antibiotics. When your car breaks down, and you have tried but you just aren’t sure how to fix it, you take it in to a mechanic for servicing. When something around the house stops working, again, you do your best to remedy the problem, but sometimes you need to call the cable guy or a plumber. You just cannot know absolutely everything all the time – it is impossible.

It is a similar dilemma for emotional support. Most people, especially men, do their best to remedy the problem on their own. But sometimes, you just need to reach out to someone who is professionally trained to help with these kinds of problems.

Counselling is not about shaming you for not being able to fix the problem on your own. It is about supporting you in a process of discovering the answers, helping you heal emotional struggles so you can feel better, and helping teach some news ways of thinking about things. The great thing is, it is confidential and you never have to tell anyone.

A lot more men are starting to reach out for help these days. It’s not as taboo as it used to be for guys to start taking care of themselves in ways other than just playing sports or playing cards with the boys.

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