Exercise is the Best Thing You Can Do to Fight Depression

Getting some sort of exercise is the best medicine for depression. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean an hour long work out at the gym as that likely seems very overwhelming to you if you are suffering from depression.

Start small. Go for a walk after work or on your lunch break. Or, start with 5 minutes on a bike a few times per week. Find one of the new affordable gyms to join and try out the machines or ask one of the staff to show you a beginner workout routine. Some people join dance classes or palates classes. Many people enjoy yoga and walks at the Seawall.

Zumba is a new thing that people are getting into. Our bodies love to move.

Exercise does so many positive things for us. Some examples are:


  • Help improve your confidence
  • Give more clarity of mind
  • Allow more ability to focus on tasks
  • Decrease depression
  • Alleviate anxiety


Do your best to find something you enjoy doing and start doing it.

I recommend going straight from work to an activity as I have come see a pattern with many of my clients over the years: if you go home first, you end up sitting down, taking your shoes off, telling yourself you are too tired. This is not a good recipe for starting a successful exercise regime.

Plan ahead.

Try out different things.

Find what works for you.

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