Take Action Towards Managing Stress

Useful Tips for Better Daily Living #4  (2007 Newsletter Archive)

Many people these days find themselves “stressed-out.” What does this mean really? Being stressed-out means different things to people and can look very different as well.

Are you angry? Are you feeling a lot of anxiety? Is it affecting your sleep patterns or your relationship? Maybe someone in your life seems to be struggling?

There are many ways to manage stress and the main point I would like to make in this edition of the newsletter is this:
It is really important to make time to ‘de-stress’.

This means making it a priority and making room in your schedule for it. You might go to the gym, go for walks, spend down time with friends, write music, read, watch a movie, start taking a yoga class. Do what seems to work for you. Your body will appreciate it.

Your body will not continue to function very well in the long-term if you are feeling a lot of anxiety and not giving yourself a chance to release it.

There are different kinds of stressors out there that may be affecting you. Stress can be related to aspects of your life such as work, school, family, finances, relationships, unemployment, mid-life transition, lack of a creative outlet, poor body image, or lack of energy and motivation. Take some time to think about where your stress is coming from and then you will be better able to deal with it properly.

Do you need a break from your job? Do you need to learn some assertiveness skills for better communication? If finances are a worry, perhaps a financial advisor can help? Would better eating habits and a little bit of exercise help you feel better about yourself?

I believe that people can see improvements in their life with just a few small changes to get the ball rolling.

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